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Christy & Keith Bourbonnais
Cripple Creek Ranch Equine Center is owned and operated by Christy and Keith Bourbonnais. They created the facility since 1996 in Harvard, Illinois. Over the years the facility has grown tremendously. A new indoor arena which holds stalls and boarder's tack room was added in 2007. We continue to add on and make improvements to the center each year. We are working to add a restroom into the club room & office, making plans for a patio-lounging area off the indoor, looking into adding a new boarders tack and club room to the front of the indoor arena and adding more lights to the outdoor arena.



Christy Bourbonnais has been
studying the art of riding through
various disciplines for over 40 years.

She has combined what she has learned from numerous instructors and developed a softness with her horses that lasts a lifetime. Over the years, Christy has spent a great deal of time studying the vast array
of "Natural Horsemanship" techniques used by others as well as Spanish and "cowboy" style of training and combined it with a higher level of show training she received. One of her first influences was by her mentor D. Zant. A tough woman on the
outside, but she held a true softness for the horse on the inside. D provided Christy with over 20 horses to train under her direction and take it forward showing them in their
best suited discipline-including but limited to showing western and English pleasure, barrels, poles, trails and obstacle courses.

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Keith Bourbonnais grew up in the
suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.

As a young kid he had a keen interest in horses. Unfortunately, horse ownership was out of the family means, so he fed his horse
fetish by trail riding at the local stable and watching westerns on TV and reading books. Then one day he met Christy. A horse crazy woman who he had a bit of a soft spot for. He loved hanging out with Christy and getting to know her equine

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Cripple Creek Ranch
Christy & Keith Bourbonnais
23215 Graf Road
Harvard, Illinois 60033

(815) 943-4513
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